Below are pictures taken at the HOME these dogs
lived in, along with two people.  OVER 178 dogs
were removed from this home!
2 puppies in a Bird Cage
Dogs are climb UP to get away from the filth
Other examples of dogs climb UP to get away from the filth.
And, yes one is on top of the stove!
Yes, 2 dogs are in a dish drainer!
These babies are cowering under the table
Dogs loaded up, headed to the shelter
Dogs in shelter kennels- by the end of
unloading the kennels were FULL!
Hoarding Animal Control Case in Etowah County Alabama- Toy Breed Rescue saved as
many dogs as we could- we opened a temporary facility, provided complete vet care and
socialization, before placing for adoption-  It was a very rewarding project and we are very
thankful for all those who, volunteered, donated and adopted-  it truly takes a TEAM!   
LL dogs have been ADOPTED
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A 501c 3 Non-Profit charity organization located in Alabama,  dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and providing sanctuary care
for abandoned, abused and homeless toy breeds. Focusing on shelter dogs and breeder/mill dogs.
Southern Shih Tzu & Toy Breed
Rescue and Sanctuary